Sonntag, 2. Dezember 2012

Sixdays Zurich - The Final Night

The final ranking:
1. De Ketele / Shep
2. Hondo / Kluge
3. Marvulli / Marguet
4. Dillier / O'Shea

By reaching 200 points before the final Américaine over 250 laps (50 km) Dillier/O'Shea took the lead with Marvulli / Marguet as runner-up, one lap behind. Hondo/Kluge and De Ketele/Shep where in the same lap but with less points.
During the Américain Dillier/O'Shea lost a lap quite early, where Hondo/Kluge and De Ketele/Shep gained one. Neither Marvulli/Marguet nor Dillier/O'Shea managed get away and were stuck on 3 and 4 whereas De Ketele/Shep took the lead thanks to many points won in the last race.

Not to forget the thrilling stayer races where Guiseppe Atzeni won by overtaking Peter Jörg in the last lap!

The music during the breaks was presented by "Die Jungen Zillertaler".

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