Sonntag, 25. Mai 2014

Giro di Zurigo

Today I had the pleasure to ride with Ronde-Done-Heure the Giro di Zurigo. We, a group of almost 20 riders, have been to places I've never been before with the bike. A lot of steep ascents paired with an impressive scenery and fast descents had to be mastered.
The food during the break at the Ägerisee was provided by Justus (Sandwiches, refreshments), DAMN GOOD (Cold Coffee) and Obst & Gemüse (Coconut Water). At the end of the tour drinks, sandwiches and the Giro d'Italia on a big screen where waiting.
A big "Thank you" to Michel, Daniel and Daniel from Ronde-Done-Heure, Jonathan for driving the broom waggon and the helping hands in the background.

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